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The Ghosts Within

St James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, Valletta - June 2019

The Ghosts Within was created around the possibility of forming a space with prompts for the retrieval of specific personal memories, using the metaphor of the invocation of particular lingering ghosts residing within ourselves.
The work explores the makeup and role of memories, tapping into the notions of remembrance and forgetfulness, the archive, time, autobiography, photography and audio recordings, through which the question of the unwavering accuracy of memories in relation to the original events rise.
Making connections with what is past and gone, along with its relevance for the present, the work is an autobiographical journey of contemplation about life, which also gives value to the role that memories play in shaping us into who we are.

Dress Up!

École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie, ARLES - April 2019

Dress Up is an interactive installation which invites the audience to collaborate by restructuring and/or expanding the aesthetics of a preconceived notion of the urban environment.  The project involves photographs of Maltese places of residence such as terraced houses, townhouses, flats, high-rise buildings and maisonettes, which are post-processed to appear isolated from their surroundings, so that they look like standalone images, similar to the outfits provided in “Dress Up” games.  The images, printed on magnetic surfaces, adhere to magnetic boards, allowing for the possibility of ever-changing compositions. 
The scope of this work is to allow visitors to play around with the images, giving their own interpretation of the Maltese urban landscape.  It aims to raise awareness through an ironic, playful rendition of the drastic changes the Maltese environment is going through.

Ilagħbli Magħha

Splendid, Valletta - September 2019

The work is presented in the form of a board game. It aims to mimic our everyday choices which leave an impact on the environment. Players are free to follow the games’ rules, or to cheat their way into creating more or less harm to the environment.


MUŻA - The Malta National Community Art Museum- February 2020

A spotlight on the autocratic, dominating, sneaky, high and mighty.
Performance Artist Charlene Galea and visual artist Etienne Farrell work together to explore and recreate six arrogant and peremptory characters, whose false sense of strength depends on manipulating and intimidating others. As the work borders with the comic, it aims to artfully hint to the vulnerability of the characters involved, as their power comes not from within themselves, but depends entirely on the reactions of the people they manipulate.

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